The advantages of daylight at a glance.

daylight optimizes your daily planning and instantly boosts your working efficiency. As the software is easy to use and can be adapted to your individual needs without problems, daylight is indispensable for all professionals in the field of course and event management.

  • daylight simplifies and automates all workflows relating to management and marketing of courses, events and occasions
  • daylight is quickly and easily adaptable to individual requirements, growing with your needs
  • daylight is easy to use and does not require tedious training
  • daylight can be installed and extended independently by the user
  • daylight allows you to provide – quickly and easily – existing data for marketing and sales promotions (e.g. bulk letters and emails)
  • daylight makes creation of evaluations and reports for performance review easy 
  • daylight can be easily integrated into existing websites
  • daylight fits into existing application backgrounds (Microsoft Windows) without difficulty
  • daylight offers an excellent cost-performance ratio and is particularly affordable for small businesses

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